6 Big Influencers To Website Pricing

Jan 25, 2020 | Website design

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Website pricing is a touchy issue for a lot of website designers. Different designers will have different website pricing models. So, what is the acceptable cost of a website?

Here is a scenario; You have a business and are looking to set up a website. You ask your IT friends to draft a proposal for you while you make some quick searches online for web design agencies near you and ask them too to draft proposals for you. Let’s say you get 5 proposals and you realize all of them list different prices. Why is that?

This scenario happens quite often. We will try to explain some reasons why websites can never have a fixed price that cuts across all web design agencies.

1. Type of website

One of the biggest factors that affect website pricing is what type of website it is. Is it a standard business website? Is it an e-commerce website? Is it a blog? All these will have a different base price. E-commerce websites tend to be on the higher end of the pricing scale.

2. Extra features

Depending on what website you have decided to go with, you could need extra features for the website to fully suit your business. For example, consider a business like a software company. The business usually receives a lot of questions about its range of products. In an effort to speed up assistance, the website could be a business website but with a forum feature – here’s an example of Microsoft’s forum, where a user can ask a question and receives answers from other users. That forums feature will mean additional costs for the website but in turn, reduces strain on the customer care agents.

3. Level of Support

How long do you intend for the website agency to remain on-hand to help make any changes to the website? This usually leads to ‘retainer fees’ paid either monthly or yearly. There is usually a support period for a certain duration after the website is first completed. It usually reflects the initial cost of the website. Cheaper websites tend to get shorter periods of support than higher cost websites.

4. Custom or theme based

We’ve all probably stumbled on website themes before. If you want a business website built on top of a theme, then the costs will be slightly lower than those custom built from scratch. I insist slightly lower because other factors still need to be considered to finish the website, such as extra features.

5. Complementary services

Designing and developing a website isn’t light work. Photographs have to look nice, performance improvements have to be put in place even after the website is delivered and with ever-present competition, search engine optimization cannot be ignored. These are complementary services since, technically speaking, the website can be delivered without them. If your web design agency goes the extra mile to care and do these things and perhaps many more to ensure your website is exceptional to your visitors, it makes sense that their website will cost more.

6. Content generation

Websites need content. Business description, services description, and call to actions need to be well thought through. Some web design agencies will take up this task and include the cost in the final bill. Content generation is actually a very important part of creating a website. Why? Because it is the content that will encourage your website visitors to make a sale. The content should also be optimized to communicate well with search engines to increase the website’s chances of a higher ranking.


The list above is not fully exhausted but will probably have the biggest impact on the website price. As a general rule of thumb, the business owner should look for the best value with regard to the budget. The cheapest website isn’t always a good deal and the most expensive isn’t always the best. If you are looking into getting a website, take time and think through exactly what you really need. This will help you get the best agency that can work within your budget.


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