6 Reasons Why Your Website Is Slow

Nov 10, 2020 | Website design

‘Your website is slow…’ is one of those things any website owner never wants to hear. Think about it; You work hard and get your new business website or blog up and running. With all the excitement you share the link with your friends and ask for their opinion. You wait, and wait… they don’t get back. Only to follow up later and realize they abandoned your website because the website was loading slowly. Why does this happen? Why is your new website slow? There are various factors that may make your website slow, lets have a look.

slow website loading

1. Slow website hosting

Remember that time when you were browsing through web hosting services and you picked the cheapest one you could find? Yes, that time. What could go wrong? Well, a lot. ‘Cheap’ is cheap for a reason. On the surface, most website hosting packages look similar. However, cheap hosting limits the number of requests your website can handle. Bandwidth could also be limited. Long story short, cheap hosting limits the number of resources your website is allowed to utilize, which translates to an overall slower website than what you’d like.

2. Poor design can make a slow website

Websites are made up of a bunch of files that communicate with each other. All these files need to have relevant content for their purpose. Depending on the purpose of your website, it will need to ‘call for items’ from other resources, for example, videos from YouTube embedded to play on the website, social media feeds, Facebook like buttons, etc. Some website elements can be deferred – which basically means they don’t have to be loaded until the user actually needs them. If all these files and requests aren’t handled properly, they could be a reason for your slow website.

3. Media items

One of the first culprits of a slow website is pictures. Pictures come in various formats and sizes. Let’s say you took a picture with your big-budget DSLR camera and wanted to use it on your website. There is a good chance its file size is huge (considering its intended use). When someone is viewing a web page, their device has temporarily downloaded that content. The bigger a file the longer it takes to be downloaded (assuming all other factors are constant). Therefore, if you don’t consider the file sizes of media on your website, you could be hurting your page speeds. A general rule is to have the images on your website as small as possible.

4. Congested homepage

The homepage of a website is the one that sits on the main URL. For example, ours is rigel.design. Most homepages are packed with the intention of helping the website visitor find what they’re looking for quickly. As you might have guessed, most website visitors arrive at your homepage first. Because of this, if your website has too many images, or is heavily customized and with social media feeds plus auto-playing videos, the initial load time of your website will be slow. You can test this easily by just opening the homepage and any other page, in two different browsing sessions.

5. Too many ads

In some instances, someone might set up a website with advertising monetization in mind. Ads can be set up to load before the main content. As a result, the content you actually wanted to read takes a little longer to load.

6. Unnecessary items

Websites should be easy to navigate and easy on the eye. But some people prefer to add elements that don’t really add value to the website and instead actually make it slower. For example, online chat services like tawk.to. Don’t get me wrong, online chat services do help but only if there is someone on the other end to reply to questions. Some websites integrate this feature and no one is ever online. Their argument, a customer might leave a message that we could reply to their email later. But, don’t you already have a contact form for that purpose.


These are not the only factors that make a slow website. That list could be endless. However, we suggest starting from a reliable hosting solutions provider and a supportive web design agency. We design websites for online shops and businesses that are unique, timeless, and offer great support. Still not convinced, visit our portfolio page to see some of the work we have handled. We look forward to working with you soon!


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