4 Myths About Social Media Marketing

Mar 22, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Social media

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Social media for businesses has become one of the go-to places for customer engagement and product launches. Social media also creates a customer care channel for after-sales support. However, social media marketing comes with its own complexities. Let’s look at some of the myths about social media marketing.

Myth 1 of social media marketing – Posting several times a day.

Its common belief that when using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you should post several times a day. The reasoning behind it is that it increases the chance of getting engagements and ultimately sales. This is not true. Just like that WhatsApp contact that is constantly sending you videos and pictures to the point you just stop viewing them, it also gets a bit overwhelming for your following on social media if they are constantly coming across your posts.

Myth 2 of social media marketing – Being on all social media platforms

I’m going to make this short. You don’t need to be everywhere. Some people like Facebook over Instagram. Some like Instagram over Twitter. Some will only ever be found on Snapchat. The social media channel you use will depend on quite a few factors. If you need help choosing, you can read our post on ‘Choosing the right social media platform for your business.’

Myth 3 of social media marketing – Page likes are everything.

Most social media platforms come with some kind of analytics for business profiles. One of the most prominent analytics to both businesses and individuals is how many likes or followers their accounts have. Although that shouldn’t be ignored, followers are not the only thing to look out for. Analytics should be based on your goal. It’s actually quite easy getting more followers. If followers are that important to you, all you have to do is spend a little money and in a day your followers will soar. However, statistics such as post engagements and conversions are more important.

Myth 4 of social media marketing – You should delete bad reviews

No one likes bad reviews online or customer complaints offline. Although it might be an impulse to immediately delete bad reviews or low star ratings while leaving 5-star reviews, do it with caution. We all know the popular saying, ‘Nothing Is Perfect.’ By deleting all the poor ratings, some customers may end up expecting too much out of your product. Moreover, you cannot delete a bad review from real life. If people start talking bad about your product straight to their circles, it will be more damaging to your business.

Instead of deleting bad reviews on social media, you should respond to those bad reviews by offering some sort of support. That way, prospects that are doing their research before buying your product are made aware that in case something doesn’t go as planned, they are not left in the dark.


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