4 Myths and Truths About Digital Marketing

Feb 21, 2020 | Digital Marketing

myths of digital marketing in kenya digital marketing Posts

1. It’s cheap

Digital marketing is not cheap. It’s usually considered more affordable to other forms of marketing because you can spend as little as you like. Platforms like Google Ads have no minimum spend. Do you want to spend Ksh.100 on Google Ads for one month? No problem, the platform will allow you to do that. On social media sites, Facebook has a really modest minimum spend of only one dollar, about Ksh.100. Compare that freedom to other marketing channels like print media, radio ads or television ads that have fixed prices for particular time slots or front pages, and digital marketing will look ‘cheap.’

What most people don’t realize at the beginning is that the ultimate goal of advertising or marketing is to gain profit. That’s where getting a good return on your investment is key. It is not just about placing ads online. Are your digital marketing efforts leading to more customers, more sales or increased brand awareness? After you dive into digital marketing and in particular placing ads online, you quickly realize that advertising platforms heavily favor those that are willing to spend more. Generally speaking, ads that have a higher budget get shown on top of those with lower budgets. This can lead to bidding wars for ad placements online. Making the costs rise rather quickly.

2. There’s no need for digital marketing

I mostly encounter this myth with local businesses. In this case, the business serves only walk-in customers who mostly live or work in that area. Their argument is that they already have a loyal customer base they are sure to come back. Perhaps every week for their services. And because of their close relationships with their existing customers, they do just fine with word-of-mouth referrals. The challenge here is, the people in that locality are still on their phones or computers from time to time on social media or looking up things on the internet. Those people are still potential customers. So as much as digital marketing may not be your primary marketing channel, it cannot go ignored.

3. SEO can be set in stone

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In really simple terms, it’s making changes to a website or webpage in order to make it easier for search engines to find and rank it higher in search results. Its common belief that when designing website content, you can throw in your keywords or randomly use the business location repeatedly to rank higher in a certain region and you’ll be good to go. As a start that might work. But as more businesses get online and internet users start using different search terms to find the same thing, you will eventually be outranked by other business websites. SEO is an ongoing process. You need to keep your content updated.

4. Being on all social media platforms

There are several social media networks these days and probably more are in development by various developers. Your business doesn’t need to have profiles on all of them. The idea is to spend time where your potential customers are also spending their time and also the nature of your product.

For example, suppose a business that provides accounting services. Their best bet will probably be on LinkedIn and Facebook. Why? Because LinkedIn is a professional’s networking platform and their client base (other businesses) will most likely be there too and Facebook to steer up brand awareness to individuals during their leisure time.


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