About Us

Our Brand

We are a digital design agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. Ready to help build your brand through website design, digital marketing, and software design.

The name, Rigel, was derived from the seventh brightest star in the night sky and the brightest in the constellation of Orion. This shows our readiness to work with others and our ambitions to be an industry leader in the services we provide.

Our colors – blue signifies our trustworthy and reliable nature while orange signifies our creativity and enthusiasm in what we do.


To help entrepreneurs and businesses build their brand through digital design.


To be the leading agency and preferred choice in delivery of services in digital design.

Our Philosophy

Client Involvement

We move with our clients every step of the way, involving them in any design decision we make.

Great Support

Our support team is always ready to help. We provide support via WhatsApp, Email, or Mobile.

Passion and Skill

Passion and knowledge led us here. We wouldn’t have been here if not to serve you!